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Not sure if you can afford the boat of your dreams?

Use our confidential Online Calculator and discover how we can turn that dream into reality with amazing, cheap boat loans and finance packages.

It’s private and confidential to use. No waiting on hold for a customer service person to speak with, no embarrassing, time consuming, invasive and unnecessary questions to answer just to get a ballpark estimate.

Just enter a few basic details and you will have an estimate of your repayments quickly and easily so you can go into your boat purchase negotiations with confidence.

As a courtesy we will contact you to assist with a live accurate boat finance quote.


Accessible from all online devices, you can use the Boat Finance Calculator at a time that suits you, from your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

From dinghies to jetskis, runabouts to luxury cruisers, power boat and yachts, charter boats and commercial vessels, you can quickly and easily calculate loans and finance repayment estimates in just a few minutes for all types of boats. New and used boats


Estimate in the ballpark? One of our friendly  staff will contact you on the information provided. Want a quote now? Call us on 1300 000 003 to confirm an accurate loan or finance deal for your purchase.

The boat loans interest rate on the calculator can be adjusted up or down to suit your requested calculator repayment request. Unsure of the interest rates? Speak to a Jade consultant 1300 000 003 to confirm all the details.

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Boat loans and finance deals that will have your mates green with envy!

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New Boat Loans

Turn your boat dreams into reality with a finance deal as sleek as your new vessel.

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Used Boat Loans

Don’t miss out on that great second hand boat offer.

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Commercial Boat Loans

Jade Boat Finance offers great value packages for all types of charter and commercial vessels, both new and used for use within Australian waters.

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Jetski Finance

For riders on the move, our Boat Loans are as fast, flashy and fantastic as the latest jet ski release.

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Boat Insurance

We also provide comprehensive Boat Insurance Packages to ensure our clients are well covered.