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You don’t have to ASK Jade for the best deal as some other companies suggest you do when negotiating a loan.

We will simply GIVE you the best, cheapest deal we can offer. And with over 500 lending and insurance products available you will find it hard to get a better deal.

Straight forward, straight up, no haggling necessary.

Boat loans and finance deals that will have your mates green with envy!

Use our online boat finance calculator to estimate the repayments on your intended purchase. This gives you a great ballpark figure to work from.

Then speak with a Jade consultant, who will provide you with an accurate quote and take you through the approval process. Call 1300 000 003

When using the calculator, the boat loans interest rate can be adjusted up or down from 5% – 17.95% to suit your requested calculator repayment request.

Unsure of the interest rates? Speak to a Boat Finance consultant to confirm all the details.

Approved finance in as little as 20 minutes
No deposit options available
Secured and unsecured deals are available.

New and used boats OK

Houseboats & Yachts OK

Have credit issues? Don’t worry, we will mediate between you and the loan provider to secure you the best deal available.

YES we can look at boat finance with bad credit.

Comparing Marine Finance Interest Rates

Like most astute purchasers, you are probably shopping around for the best finance deal available. If so, please be aware that different financial institutions and lenders may price your loan differently and a number of factors influence the interest rate offered by various lenders.

Factors such as how much money you intend to borrow, number of years on the loan, the age and type the boat, your current credit rating and also credit risk that your application can present.

So don’t just compare interest rates, compare the entire package and the service.

At Jade Boat Loans we pride ourselves on the quality and comprehensiveness of our service. Jade Finance can handle the entire loan arrangement process for you and offer you a great finance package for your new boat.

Why select Jade Boat Finance?

Jade Finance is a specialist in procuring a variety of boat loans packages for clients by diligently and accurately hand-picking a selection from the leading boat finance lenders and banks.

With 15 years, hands-on experience in the boat finance business, we have acquired the expertise and information to structure your loan to achieve better rates and easier approval. This awareness enables us to offer our clients a product that is second to none, without delay, every time.

We eliminate the confusion and remove the complexities, usually associated with marine finance to streamline the process for you.

Our qualified and highly knowledgeable boat loan staff will manage the entire process to ensure you enjoy a simple and hassle-free boat purchase.

What’s more, we can assist you with the additional elements of encumbrances and title checks for private sales. Checking that your boat purchase experience is easy, efficient and enjoyable to get you out on the water as quickly as possible.

Please note….

The online calculator and repayment you are calculating does not represent nor imply an offer for boat finance or a marine loan approval nor does it take into account any lender loan fees and charges, additional comprehensive insurance or warranty products or monthly account keeping fees.

A Jade Consultant Will Contact You

As a courtesy, a Jade Boat Loans marine specialist will contact you to assist with an accurate boat loans quote and answer any questions you have in regards to finance approval. You are under no obligation to respond to Jade Boat Loans from this calculator.

Boat Loans Interest Rates

The boat loans interest rate can be adjusted up or down with from 5% – 17.95% to suit your requested calculator repayment request. Unsure of what the finance rates may be? Just let our consultant know when we contact you and they will provide a detailed boat loans interest rate quote. More on Boat Loan interest rates

Term Of Loan

Australian financiers provide finance terms up to 7yrs. For secured marine lending there can be restrictions on a shorter term.

Balloon Or Final Payment

A balloon option can be available with some financiers. Ask your Jade consultant about reducing your repayments with a structured boat loan balloon payment.

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